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Slamhang Internet Service

Slamhang Internet Plans & Pricing

Slamhang offers Internet service via the following technologies: CableDSL.

The following plans and pricing are not available in all areas. Please contact Slamhang for plans and pricing available in your area.

NameDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
Cable 5 Pro5 mbps300 gbps$24.95
DSL 6 Lite6 mbps150 gbps$26.99
DSL 7 Lite7 mbps150 gbps$27.99
Cable 5 Lite5 mbps150 gbps$29.95
Cable 5 Unlimited5 mbps$29.95
DSL 10 Lite10 mbps150 gbps$29.99
DSL 6 Lite6 mbps150 gbps$29.99
DSL 7 Lite7 mbps150 gbps$29.99
High Speed DSL 66 mbps300 gbps$29.99
DSL 7 Pro7 mbps400 gbps$31.99
DSL 10 Lite10 mbps150 gbps$32.99
DSL 15 Lite15 mbps150 gbps$32.99
DSL 6 Pro6 mbps400 gbps$32.99
Cable 10 Lite10 mbps75 gbps$34.95
Cable 10 Lite10 mbps150 gbps$34.95
Cable 15 Pro15 mbps300 gbps$34.95
DSL 10 Pro10 mbps400 gbps$34.99
DSL 15/10 Lite15 mbps150 gbps$34.99
DSL 6 Pro6 mbps400 gbps$34.99
DSL 7 Pro7 mbps400 gbps$34.99
High Speed DSL 6 Unlimited6 mbps$34.99
Cable 5 Pro5 mbps400 gbps$35.95
DSL 15 Pro15 mbps400 gbps$35.99
DSL 2 Unlimited2 mbps$36.95
DSL 10 Pro10 mbps400 gbps$37.99
DSL 15 Lite15 mbps150 gbps$37.99
DSL 15/10 Pro15 mbps400 gbps$37.99
Cable 10 Lite10 mbps75 gbps$38.95
DSL 25 Lite25 mbps150 gbps$38.99
Cable 15 Unlimited15 mbps$39.95
Cable 5 Unlimited5 mbps$39.95
DSL 15/10 Lite15 mbps150 gbps$39.99
DSL 6 Unlimited6 mbps$39.99
DSL 7 Unlimited7 mbps$39.99
High Speed DSL 1515 mbps300 gbps$39.99
Cable 15 Pro15 mbps150 gbps$40.95
DSL 7 Unlimited7 mbps$41.95
High Speed DSL 2 Unlimited2 mbps$41.95
Cable 20 Lite20 mbps150 gbps$42.95
DSL 15 Pro15 mbps400 gbps$42.99
DSL 25 Lite25 mbps150 gbps$43.99
Cable 10 Pro10 mbps400 gbps$44.95
Cable 30 Lite30 mbps150 gbps$44.95
Cable 30 Pro30 mbps300 gbps$44.95
DSL 10 Unlimited10 mbps$44.99
DSL 15/10 Pro15 mbps400 gbps$44.99
DSL 25 Pro25 mbps400 gbps$44.99
High Speed DSL 2525 mbps300 gbps$44.99
Cable 10 Pro10 mbps300 gbps$45.95
Cable 20 Lite20 mbps150 gbps$47.95
DSL 10 Unlimited10 mbps$47.99
DSL 15 Unlimited15 mbps$47.99
High Speed DSL 15 Unlimited15 mbps$47.99
Cable 10 Pro10 mbps300 gbps$48.95
High Speed DSL 7 Unlimited7 mbps$48.95
DSL 50 Lite50 mbps150 gbps$48.99
Cable 30 Unlimited30 mbps$49.95
Cable 7.5 Business7.5 mbps500 gbps$49.95
DSL 15/10 Unlimited15 mbps$49.99
Cable 15 Pro15 mbps400 gbps$50.95
DSL 25 Pro25 mbps400 gbps$50.99
Cable 20 Pro20 mbps300 gbps$52.95
DSL 15 Unlimited15 mbps$52.99
Cable 10 Unlimited10 mbps$54.95
Cable 10 Unlimited10 mbps$54.95
Cable 30 Pro30 mbps400 gbps$54.95
DSL 15/10 Unlimited15 mbps$54.99
DSL 50 Pro50 mbps400 gbps$54.99
High Speed DSL 25 Unlimited25 mbps$54.99
Cable 30 Lite30 mbps150 gbps$55.95
Cable 15 Unlimited15 mbps$57.95
Cable 20 Pro20 mbps400 gbps$57.95
DSL 25 Unlimited25 mbps$57.99
High Speed DSL 6 Unlimited6 mbps$59.00
Cable 10 Unlimited10 mbps$59.95
Cable 55 Lite55 mbps150 gbps$59.95
Cable 60 Lite60 mbps150 gbps$59.95
Business 6 Meg Service6 mbps$59.99
Cable 60 Lite60 mbps150 gbps$60.95
High Speed DSL 6 Lite6 mbps350 gbps$60.95
DSL 25 Unlimited25 mbps$60.99
Cable 30 Pro30 mbps400 gbps$62.95
Cable 55 Lite55 mbps150 gbps$67.95
Cable 20 Unlimited20 mbps$69.95
Cable 25 Business25 mbps500 gbps$69.95
Cable 60 Pro60 mbps400 gbps$69.95
Cable 60 Pro60 mbps400 gbps$72.95
Cable 30 Unlimited30 mbps$74.95
Cable 55 Pro55 mbps300 gbps$74.95
Cable 55 Pro55 mbps400 gbps$74.95
DSL 50 Unlimited50 mbps$74.99
Business 10 Meg Service10 mbps$75.99
Cable 20 Unlimited20 mbps$79.95
Cable 30 Unlimited30 mbps$79.95
High Speed DSL 15 Lite15 mbps350 gbps$79.95
High Speed DSL 6 Pro6 mbps500 gbps$79.95
Cable 60 Pro60 mbps300 gbps$84.95
Business 10+ Meg Service10 mbps$85.99
Cable 60 Unlimited60 mbps$89.95
Business 16 Meg Service16 mbps$89.99
Cable 55 Unlimited55 mbps$94.95
Cable 60 Unlimited60 mbps$94.95
Cable 60 Unlimited60 mbps$94.95
Cable 50 Business50 mbps750 gbps$95.95
Business 16+ Meg Service16 mbps$95.99
Cable 55 Unlimited55 mbps$99.95
High Speed DSL 15 Pro15 mbps500 gbps$99.95
High Speed DSL 25 Lite25 mbps350 gbps$99.95
High Speed DSL 25 Pro25 mbps500 gbps$109.95
Business 25+ Meg Service25 mbps$109.99
Cable 50 Business50 mbps750 gbps$110.95
Bonded DSL 66 mbps300 gbps$172.00
Cable 100 Business100 mbps1000 gbps$175.95
Bonded DSL 12/212 mbps400 gbps$199.00
Cable 100 Business100 mbps1000 gbps$199.95
Bonded DSL 99 mbps400 gbps$258.00
Cable 250 Business250 mbps1000 gbps$259.00
Bonded DSL 1818 mbps500 gbps$298.00
Cable 250 Business250 mbps1000 gbps$299.95
Bonded DSL 12/412 mbps400 gbps$319.00
Bonded DSL 2424 mbps500 gbps$398.00
Bonded DSL 110110 mbps1000 gbps$958.00

Slamhang is available in the following cities: New Glasgow, NS, Pictou, NS, Amos, QC, Baie-D'Urfé, QC, Beaconsfield, QC, Beloeil, QC, Blainville, QC, Boisbriand, QC, Bois-des-Filion, QC, Bois-Franc, QC, Boucherville, QC, Brossard, QC, Gravenhurst, ON, Guelph, ON, Hamilton, ON, Hawkesbury, ON, Huntsville, ON, Kawartha Lakes, ON, Carignan, QC, Caraquet, NB, Dalhousie, NB, Dieppe, NB, Edmundston, NB, Fredericton, NB and Grand Bay-Westfield, NB and many more.


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