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Aserty Internet Service

Aserty Internet Plans & Pricing

Aserty offers Internet service via the following technology: DSL.

Aserty Enhanced Internet Services bring high-speed Internet connections to Ontario and it's surrounding areas including Ottawa and Gatineau. Aserty offers Voice over IP, Dial-Up speeds up to 56 Kbps and High Speed DSL up to 5 Mbps. Recently Aserty has release their Fiber to the Node service bring 25 Mbps to commercial or residential properties. They offer special snowbird and student dial up plans for those who qualify throughout the year. With Aserty Internet service you also receive e-mail service with 10 Megabyte storage and up to 4 aliases per mail box.

The following plans and pricing are not available in all areas. Please contact Aserty for plans and pricing available in your area.

NameTypeDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
Standard PlusDSL6mbps$54.95
Premium PlusDSL6mbps$69.95

Aserty is available in the following cities: Guelph, ON, Hamilton, ON, Thunder Bay, ON, Toronto, ON, Sarnia, ON, Barrie, ON, Elliot Lake, ON, Oshawa, ON, Ottawa, ON, Owen Sound, ON, Pembroke, ON, Peterborough, ON, Cobourg, ON, Cornwall, ON, Kitchener, ON, London, ON, Belleville, ON, Brantford, ON, Brockville, ON, Cambridge, ON, Trois-Rivières, QC, Rivière-du-Loup, QC, Sherbrooke, QC, Thetford Mines, QC and Waterloo, ON and many more.


Contact Aserty

P.O. Box 46091 RPO Beacon Hill
Ottawa, ON K1J 9M7