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GoVital Wireless Internet Service

GoVital Wireless Internet Plans & Pricing

GoVital internet service provides internet access at speeds up to 25 Mbps with data allowances that range up to 400 GB per month to business interests in and around Windsor. Its customizable plans allow the customer to decide how he or she would like to use the speed at any given time, on the upload or the download. GoVital's network is entirely wireless and covers most industrial areas of metropolitan Windsor. GoVital also offers web site hosting, network monitoring, web programming and other related services. Plans range from $109.95 to $329.95 per month depending on speed and size of data transfer.

We currently do not have records for any plans available for GoVital Wireless.

GoVital Wireless

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GoVital Wireless
3005 Deziel Drive
Windsor, ON N8W 5A5