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Montreal-DSL Internet Service

Montreal-DSL Internet Plans & Pricing

Montreal-DSL offers Internet service via the following technologies: CableDSL.

Montreal DSL started offering services in 2013 and is headquartered in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec. The telecommunications company offers a wide range of services including web hosting, Voice over IP and Broadband Internet. Their service coverage area includes Yukon, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island provinces and more. Their residential internet services include high speed DSL, Dry DSL, Cable, Copper Cable and Dial Up with download speeds ranging from 56 Kbps to 60 Mbps and upload speeds from 800 Kbps to 10 Mbps. Montreal DSL's phone service includes Unlimited long distance calling within North America and reduced International rates for Internet customers.

The following plans and pricing are not available in all areas. Please contact Montreal-DSL for plans and pricing available in your area.

NameTypeDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
15M High Speed DSLDSL15mbps
High Speed DSL 50DSL50mbps
High Speed DSL 50DSL50mbps300 gbps
Cable 5Cable5mbps40 gbps$24.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps300 gbps$24.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps$29.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps150 gbps$29.95
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps300 gbps$29.95
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps150 gbps$29.99
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps300 gbps$29.99
High Speed DSL 7DSL7mbps150 gbps$29.99
Cable 5Cable5mbps150 gbps$30.95
High Speed DSL 10DSL10mbps150 gbps$32.99
Cable 15Cable15mbps300 gbps$34.95
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps$34.95
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps150 gbps$34.99
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps$34.99
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps400 gbps$34.99
High Speed DSL 7DSL7mbps400 gbps$34.99
Cable 5Cable5mbps400 gbps$35.95
2M High Speed DSLDSL2mbps$36.95
High Speed DSLDSL2mbps$36.95
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps150 gbps$36.99
High Speed DSL 10DSL10mbps400 gbps$37.99
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps150 gbps$37.99
Cable 10Cable10mbps150 gbps$38.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps$39.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps150 gbps$39.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps150 gbps$39.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps$39.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps400 gbps$39.95
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps300 gbps$39.95
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps300 gbps$39.99
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps400 gbps$39.99
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps150 gbps$39.99
High Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps$39.99
High Speed DSL 7DSL7mbps$39.99
Cable 15Cable15mbps150 gbps$40.95
2M High Speed DSLDSL2mbps$41.95
7M High Speed DSLDSL7mbps$41.95
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps400 gbps$41.99
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps150 gbps$41.99
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps400 gbps$42.99
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps150 gbps$43.99
High Speed DSL 25*DSL25mbps150 gbps$43.99
Cable 30Cable30mbps150 gbps$44.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps300 gbps$44.95
High Speed DSL 25DSL25mbps300 gbps$44.95
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps400 gbps$44.99
High Speed DSL 25DSL25mbps300 gbps$44.99
Cable 10Cable10mbps400 gbps$45.95
Cable 5Cable5mbps$45.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps400 gbps$47.95
Cable 20Cable20mbps150 gbps$47.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps150 gbps$47.95
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps$47.95
High Speed DSL 10DSL10mbps$47.99
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps$47.99
7M High Speed DSLDSL7mbps$48.95
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps400 gbps$48.99
Cable 15Cable15mbps400 gbps$49.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps400 gbps$49.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps$49.95
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps$49.99
High Speed DSL 50 *DSL50mbps150 gbps$49.99
High Speed DSL 50*DSL50mbps150 gbps$49.99
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps400 gbps$50.99
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps$51.99
High Speed DSL 15DSL15mbps$52.99
Cable 10Cable10mbps$54.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps400 gbps$54.95
High Speed DSL 25DSL25mbps$54.95
High Speed DSL 15+ *DSL15mbps$54.99
High Speed DSL 25DSL25mbps$54.99
Cable 30Cable30mbps150 gbps$55.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps$57.95
Cable 20Cable20mbps400 gbps$57.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps400 gbps$57.95
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps$58.99
Cable 100Cable100mbps150 gbps$59.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps$59.95
Cable 15Cable15mbps$59.95
Cable 55Cable55mbps150 gbps$59.95
6M High Speed DSLDSL6mbps$59.99
6M High Speed DSLDSL6mbps$59.99
High Speed DSL 50 *DSL50mbps400 gbps$59.99
Cable 60Cable60mbps150 gbps$60.95
High Speed DSL 25 *DSL25mbps$60.99
Cable 30Cable30mbps400 gbps$62.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps$64.95
Cable 100Cable100mbps400 gbps$69.95
Cable 20Cable20mbps$69.95
Cable 30Cable30mbps$69.95
Cable 55Cable55mbps400 gbps$69.95
High Speed DSL 50 *DSL50mbps$69.99
Cable 60Cable60mbps400 gbps$72.95
10M High Speed DSLDSL10mbps$75.99
Cable 30Cable30mbps$79.95
Cable 55Cable55mbps$79.95
15M High Speed DSLDSL15mbps$79.99
Cable 100Cable100mbps$82.95
Cable 60Cable60mbps300 gbps$84.95
10M High Speed DSL PLUS *DSL10mbps$85.99
Cable 60Cable60mbps$89.95
16M High Speed DSLDSL16mbps$89.99
Cable 60Cable60mbps$94.95
16M High Speed DSL PLUS *DSL16mbps$95.99
25M High Speed DSL PLUS *DSL25mbps$109.99

Montreal-DSL is available in the following cities: Lunenburg, NS, New Glasgow, NS, Summerside, PE, Warren Grove, PE, Adstock, QC, Gravenhurst, ON, Guelph, ON, Hamilton, ON, Huntsville, ON, Edmundston, NB, Fredericton, NB, Afton, PE, Alexandra, PE, Brackley, PE, Hampshire, PE, Kensington, PE, Linkletter, PE, Meadowbank, PE, Miltonvale Park, PE, Miscouche, PE, Nanaimo, BC, North Vancouver, BC, Parksville, BC, Penticton, BC and Port Alberni, BC and many more.


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