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Oricom Internet Service

Oricom Internet Plans & Pricing

Oricom offers Internet service via the following technologies: CableDSL.

Oricom is an internet service provider that has coverage in Quebec. The primary services that they offer for both residential and business use are bundles, internet, telephone, and television. Oricom's prices start at $9.95 for internet with download speeds starting at 5-6 Mbps. Various types of internet service are available including cable, DSL, dial up, and wireless.

The following plans and pricing are not available in all areas. Please contact Oricom for plans and pricing available in your area.

NameDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
Cable Plus 2010mbps$9.95
Cable Plus 205mbps20 gbps$9.95
Cable Plus 1005mbps100 gbps$17.95
Cable Plus 150$19.95
Cable Plus 2505mbps250 gbps$24.95
DSL Plus6mbps20 gbps$28.95
Cable Plus 250$29.95
Regular HS DSL6mbps60 gbps$36.95
Business Express 15-215mbps150 gbps$39.95
Advanced HS DSL6mbps250 gbps$41.95
HS Cable 500$41.95
DSL Express 1010mbps250 gbps$44.95
Unlimited HS DSL6mbps$44.95
Internet Cable HS 60$47.94
DSL Express 1515mbps250 gbps$49.95
Express 15 Cable - 100 Gb15mbps100 gbps$49.95
Business Express 40-1040mbps250 gbps$59.95
DSL Express 2525mbps250 gbps$59.95
Express 30 Cable30mbps150 gbps$64.95
Express 15 Cable - 250 Gb15mbps250 gbps$67.95
DSL Express 5050mbps500 gbps$74.95
Express 60 Cable60mbps250 gbps$79.95
Internet Unlimited DSL HS$82.94
Business Express 60-1060mbps250 gbps$89.95
Business Express 120-10120mbps500 gbps$139.95
Express 120 Cable120mbps500 gbps$139.95
Express 200 Cable200mbps500 gbps$189.95

Oricom is available in the following cities: Adstock, QC, Lantier, QC, Sainte-Anne-du-Sault, QC, Sainte-Flavie, QC, Sainte-Madeleine, QC, Saint-François-de-Sales, QC, Louiseville, QC, Lac-Supérieur, QC, Lambton, QC and Alma, QC.


Contact Oricom

400, rue Nolin
Quebec, QC G1M 1E7