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Pathway's Most Popular Internet Service Plans

Pathway's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

FastPath HomeNet

Speed: up to 6 Mbps

Starting at: $24.95 for 3 months, then $39.95

Data Cap: 75 GB

Technology: DSL

Pathway offers Internet service via the following technology: DSL.

Pathway is an internet service provider that has coverage in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec that has been providing service to business and residential customers since 1995. Some of the services that they offer to residential customers are Cable, DSL, Wi-Fi, Dry-loop and Fixed Wireless Internet but they also have a wide array of business services like, business internet, server co-location, email and web hosting, cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, and business phone services. Pathway's prices start at 39.95 with download speeds starting at 6Mbps and upload speeds starting at 800kbps.

Summary of All Internet Plans & Pricing for Pathway

NameTypeDownload SpeedsUpload SpeedsData CapPrice
FastPath HomeNetDSL6 Mbps0.8 Mbps75 GB
$24.95 for 3 months, then $39.95

Frequently Asked Questions for about Pathway

How many internet service plans does Pathway offer?

Pathway currently offers 1 internet service plans with download speeds up to 6 Mbps and pricing starting at $24.95.

What internet service plans does Pathway offer?

The following internet service plans by Pathway are FastPath HomeNet (DSL), .

What is the highest download speed that Pathway offers?

Pathway offers internet service plans with download speeds up to 6 Mbps.

What is the cheapest internet service plan that Pathway offers?

Pathway offers internet service plans with a starting price of $24.95.

Does Pathway offer high speed fiber internet?

Pathway offers DSL internet service.

Does Pathway offer residential internet service?

Yes! Pathway currently offers internet service in Toronto, ON, Markham, ON, Vaughan, ON, Richmond Hill, ON and .

Pathway is available in the following cities: Toronto, ON, Markham, ON, Vaughan, ON and Richmond Hill, ON.


Contact Pathway


(416) 214-6363



95 Apple Creek Blvd.

Markham, ON L3R 1C7