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Vianet Internet Service

Vianet Internet Plans & Pricing

Vianet offers Internet service via the following technologies: CableDSLFiberFixed WirelessOther.

Vianet is a residential and business telecommunications provider, serving Ontario since 1995. It offers cable, DSL, wireless, and Fibre Optic Internet plans. Fibre optic plans range from download speeds of 10 to 80 Mbps with no data caps. DSL plans range from download speeds of 2 to 15 Mbps with no data caps. Wireless plans range from download speeds of 3 to 7 Mbps with no data caps. Cable speeds available depend on the location. Telephone and television plans are also available, in addition to a variety of business Internet solutions, such as domains and hosting. Vianet customer service is locally provided.

The following plans and pricing are not available in all areas. Please contact Vianet for plans and pricing available in your area.

NameTypeDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
Dialup Internet 15Other0.056mbps$9.95
Dialup Internet UnlimitedOther0.056mbps$19.95
High-Speed Cable 1Cable1mbps$32.95
High-Speed DSL 2DSL2mbps$33.99
High-Speed Cable 5Cable5mbps$42.50
High-Speed DSL 6DSL6mbps$42.99
Fibre Optic 10/2Fiber10mbps$44.95
High-Speed Wireless 1.5Fixed Wireless1.5mbps$47.95
High-Speed Cable 6Cable6mbps$48.95
High-Speed Wireless 1.5Fixed Wireless1.5mbps$49.95
High-Speed Wireless 3Fixed Wireless3mbps$49.95
High-Speed DSL 10/1DSL10mbps$52.99
High-Speed Cable 15Cable15mbps$54.50
High-Speed Cable 15Cable15mbps$57.50
High-Speed DSL 15/1DSL15mbps$57.99
High-Speed Cable 20Cable20mbps$59.95
High-Speed Wireless 3Fixed Wireless3mbps$59.95
High-Speed Wireless 3Fixed Wireless3mbps$59.95
Fibre Optic 40/20Fiber40mbps$64.95
High-Speed Cable 30Cable30mbps$66.50
High-Speed Wireless 3+Fixed Wireless3mbps$69.95
High-Speed DSL 10/7DSL10mbps$70.99
High-Speed DSL 15/10DSL15mbps$75.99
High-Speed Cable 40Cable40mbps$79.95
High-Speed Wireless 5Fixed Wireless5mbps$79.95
High-Speed Wireless 5Fixed Wireless5mbps$89.95
High-Speed Wireless 5Fixed Wireless5mbps$94.95
High-Speed Wireless 7Fixed Wireless7mbps$94.95
Fibre Optic 80/40Fiber80mbps$99.95
High-Speed Cable 80Cable80mbps$99.95
High-Speed Wireless 10Fixed Wireless10mbps$119.95
High-Speed Wireless 20Fixed Wireless20mbps$159.95

Vianet is available in the following cities: Parry Sound, ON and Chapleau, ON.


Contact Vianet

240 First Street East Suite 101
Fort Frances, ON P9A 1K5