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What You Need To Know About Moving To Prince Edward Island

What You Need To Know About Moving To Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is one Canada's maritime provinces. PEI gets its name from Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn. He is the fourth son of King George III and Queen Victoria and has the nickname "Father of the Canadian Crown." The capital city is Charlottetown, which is by far the most populated city in PEI. If you are planning to move to Prince Edward Island, we have compiled a list of facts that you might want to know before becoming a local.

  • PEI is the smallest province in Canada by both population and land size. The total area is about 2,190 square miles (smaller than the state of Delaware) and the population is slightly over 145,000. Although it is the smallest in both of those categories, it is the most densely populated.
  • Prince Edward Island is the only province with no land borders. It is the 23rd largest island in Canada.
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery is the author of Anne of Green Gables. The setting is Cavendish Beach, located in PEI, and the house that inspired the book is now a national historic site. Montgomery also wrote the anthem of Prince Edward Island, called the Island Hymn.
  • Agriculture is the primary economic driver in Prince Edward Island. It was given the nickname the "Garden Province because almost half the province is used for farmland. The second largest industry is tourism and the third is fishing.
  • Because of the warm waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI enjoys a milder climate than Canada's mainland.
  • The Confederation bridge isa 13 km long bridge that connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick.
  • PEI follows the Atlantic Time Zone and observes daylight savings time when the clocks are set back.
  • Other than Charlottetown, Summerside is the only other city in Prince Edward Island. There are 10 smaller towns and many communities where people reside.
  • The provincial bird is the blue jay. The provincial flower is the Lady's Slipper. The provincial tree is the Red Oak.
  • There is one college located in PEI: the University of Prince Edward Island. It is a public liberal arts school located in Charlottetown.
  • English is the predominantly spoken language in PEI.
  • Because Prince Edward Island is surrounded by water, it has some of the prettiest beaches in Canada. There are 23 in total which is a lot for it being the smallest province. Basin Head Provincial Park is a popular option, which has been nicknamed the Singing Sands because of the noise your feet make while walking. The sound is a result of a high concentration of silica and quartz.

Now that you have learned a few fast facts about Prince Edward Island, it is time to get settled. You will need to set up a high speed internet connection in order to get access to information about jobs, healthcare, banking, schools, and activities to do.

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